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ATF-36163 1.5-18GHz surface mount pseudomorphic HEMT

Other parts:ATF-36163-BLK, ATF-36163-TR1
ATF-36163 datasheet pdf download
INA-52063 1.5 GHz Low Noise Silicon MMIC Amplifier

Other parts:INA-52063-TR1, INA-52063-BLK
INA-52063 datasheet pdf download
HFBR-5106 100VG-AnyLAN Multimode Fiber Transceivers in Low Cost 1x9 Package Style

Other parts:HFBR-5106T, HFBR-5107, HFBR-5107T, HFBR-BKD010...
HFBR-5106 datasheet pdf download
LSC2110-622 2.5mW 14 pin DIL cooled laser module

Other parts:LSC2110-622-FP, LSC2110-622-ST, LSC2110-622-SC, LSC2110-622-DN...
LSC2110-622 datasheet pdf download
HFCT-3002 155/622 Mb/s SMQW Pigtailed Laser Modules

Other parts:HFCT-3002A, HFCT-3002ADN, HFCT-3002AFP, HFCT-3002ASC...
HFCT-3002 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-061A HCMOS Compatible, High CMR, 10 MBd Optocouplers

Other parts:HCPL-061N, HCPL-063A, HCPL-063N, HCPL-193X...
HCPL-061A datasheet pdf download
4N55 Hermetically Sealed, Transistor Output Optocouplers for Analog and Digital Applications

Other parts:4N55-100, 4N55-200, 4N55-300, 4N55/883B...
4N55 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-257K-100 Hermetically Sealed, Transistor Output Optocouplers for Analog and Digital Applications

Other parts:HCPL-257K-200, HCPL-257K-300, HCPL-5500-100, HCPL-5500-200...
HCPL-257K-100 datasheet pdf download
5962-89570 Hermetically Sealed, Very High Speed, Logic Gate Optocouplers

Other parts:5962-8957001PA, 5962-8957001PC, 5962-8957001PX, 5962-8957001XA...
5962-89570 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-7800 High CMR Isolation Amplifiers

Other parts:HCPL-7800A, HCPL-7800B, HCPL-7800-300, HCPL-7800-500...
HCPL-7800 datasheet pdf download
6N137 High CMR, High Speed TTL Compatible Optocouplers

Other parts:HCNW137, HCNW2601, HCNW2611, HCPL-0600...
6N137 datasheet pdf download
5962-96852 Intelligent Power Module and Gate Drive Interface Hermetically Sealed Optocouplers

Other parts:5962-9685201HPA, 5962-9685201HPC, 5962-9685201HPX, 5962-9685201HXA...
5962-96852 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-0870 Isolated 15-bit A/D Converter

Other parts:HCPL-0870-500, HCPL-7860-300, HCPL-7860-500, HCPL-7870...
HCPL-0870 datasheet pdf download
HFBR-0400 Low cost, miniature fiber optic component with ST, SMA, SC and FC ports

Other parts:HFBR-0410, HFBR-0414, HFBR-0416, HFBR-1402...
HFBR-0400 datasheet pdf download
AT-32063 Low Current, High Performance NPN Silicon Bipolar Transistor

Other parts:AT-32063-TR1, AT-32063-BLK
AT-32063 datasheet pdf download
HCNW2201 Very High CMR, Wide VCC Logic Gate Optocouplers

Other parts:HCNW2201-060, HCNW2201-300, HCNW2201-500, HCNW2201-060...
HCNW2201 datasheet pdf download
6N138 Low input current, high gain optocoupler, single channel

Other parts:6N139, HCNW138, HCNW139, HCPL-0700...
6N138 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-4200 Optically Coupled 20 mA Current Loop Receiver

Other parts:HCPL-4200-300, HCPL-4200-500, HCPL-4200-300, HCPL-4200-500...
HCPL-4200 datasheet pdf download
1N5711 Schottky Barrier Diodes for General Purpose Applications

Other parts:5082-2300, 5082-2303, 5082-2800, 5082-2810...
1N5711 datasheet pdf download
5965-9108E Silicon Bipolar MMIC 5 GHz Active Double Balanced Mixer/IF Amp

Other parts:IAM-81028
5965-9108E datasheet pdf download
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