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ROHM Semiconductor Datasheet List- 1


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Part Name Description View
BR93LL46F 1,024-Bit Serial Electrically Erasable PROM

Other parts:BR93LL46FV
BR93LL46F datasheet pdf download
BU2090 12-bit, serial IN, parallel OUT driver

Other parts:BU2092, BU2092F_OLD, BU2092FV_OLD
BU2090 datasheet pdf download
C2389S High-voltage Amplifier Transistor (120V, 50mA)

Other parts:C3906K, C4102, 2SC4102, 2SC3906K...
C2389S datasheet pdf download
BA5410 12V 5.2W dual channel power amplifier BA5410 datasheet pdf download
RCM2090R 16 characters X 2 lines COG module RCM2090R datasheet pdf download
BR9010 1, 2, and 4k bit EEPROMs for direct connection to serial ports

Other parts:BR9010F, BR9010FV, BR9020, BR9020F...
BR9010 datasheet pdf download
BA3126F 2-channel head switch for radio cassette recorders

Other parts:BA3126N
BA3126F datasheet pdf download
BA7180AFS 2-channel PRE/REC amplifier with auto-tracing interface

Other parts:BA7180AS, BA7182AS
BA7180AFS datasheet pdf download
BA9741F Dual-output Step-up, Negative Voltage, Step-down Switching Regulators (Controller type)

Other parts:BA9741FS, BA9743AFV, BA9743AFV-E, BA9744FV...
BA9741F datasheet pdf download
BR93LC56 2,048-Bit Serial Electrically Erasable PROM

Other parts:BR93LC56F, BR93LC56FV, BR93LC56RF
BR93LC56 datasheet pdf download
2SD2114KS High-current Gain Medium Power Transistor (20V, 0.5A)

Other parts:2SD2114KU, 2SD2114S, 2SD2114SU, 2SD2114SV...
2SD2114KS datasheet pdf download
BA5973FP 3-channel BTL driver for CD, CD-ROM, DVD, and DVD-ROM

Other parts:BA5973
BA5973FP datasheet pdf download
BU3618K 3-channel 8-bit D / A converter BU3618K datasheet pdf download
BA6235 3V electronic governor

Other parts:BA6235F
BA6235 datasheet pdf download
A5800683 4-channel BTL driver for CD players

Other parts:BA6197, BA6197FP
A5800683 datasheet pdf download
BA9710KV 4-channel switching regulator BA9710KV datasheet pdf download
2SA1727 High-voltage Switching Transistor (Telephone power supply)(-400V, -0.5A)

Other parts:2SA1727PQ, 2SA1727TL, 2SA1727TLQ, 2SA1776...
2SA1727 datasheet pdf download
BA5815FM 5-channel driver for CD/DVD players BA5815FM datasheet pdf download
2SA933AS 50V, 0.15A general purpose transistor

Other parts:2SC1740, 2SC2412, 2SC1740S, 2SC1740STPQ...
2SA933AS datasheet pdf download
2SA1797 50V, 2A power transistor

Other parts:2SC4672, C4672, A1797
2SA1797 datasheet pdf download


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